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Our story started in 2008, when Susan Moffett launched a company to close a gap in the market. With a strong IT background plus proven communication and marketing skills, her aim was to become the perfect partner to the smaller business that couldn’t justify a full-time marketing resource, and the bigger company that required additional resources to complement its in-house team.

RealSimple Marketing was born.

We offer simple, cost effective and results driven outsourced marketing solutions that work for you. Our grasp of business today, backed by years of experience, means that we understand your marketing needs at any given time.

It doesn't matter if you're a new player or an established corporate, call us to take the marketing load off your shoulders. From marketing strategy development right through to the planning and implementation of marketing activities, we're the right people for the job.

What is the RealSimple Marketing philosophy?

We believe marketing is a process - not an event. It combines the science and art of selling a product or service to a specific audience to meet a specific need. It’s the intangible 'wow factor' that sets the product or service apart from competitors.

In short, it is when strategy meets creativity. Too often in-house marketers focus on the science, while ad agencies focus on the art of marketing. RealSimple Marketing blends the two disciplines to deliver targeted and measurable results.

So, why choose RealSimple Marketing?

One highly bendable word - flexibility. The great thing about choosing our outsourced marketing solution is that you get to choose how much marketing “vooma” you need - and when. Whether you need someone to act as your main marketing honcho, or simply want an extra pair of hands to coordinate the various elements of a campaign, we can work together. And get the job done.

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